I :: The first piece features a boti, which is a curved blade used for all kinds of chopping in the typical Bengali kitchen.






Digital, Photoshop



Rannaghar, meaning Kitchen in Bengali, explores three quintessentially Bengali kitchen items. The crow featured in each piece is based on a true story. It is the crow which always stands outside our kitchen window; my mother is of the utmost belief the crow is always arguing with her. The presence of the crow is also interesting because it is viewed as an ill omen in most contexts. Hence, I aim to create an open-ended interpretation where the viewer might be wondering about the crow’s presence.

II :: The second piece in a series of three features a shil nora, which is similar to a mortar and pestle. It is used for most paste-making.

III :: The third and ultimate piece features a sharashi, which are basically tongs used to grasp hot utensils and the like.